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Minerals in the body operate multiple functions. As the structural elements are part of the bones are found in many enzymes which catalyze the metabolism of the body. In fact, we have largest collection of legal anabolic steroids. Minerals found in hormones (e.g., iodine in the composition of thyroid hormones).

Is well known role of iron, a component of hemoglobin. With his participation, oxygen is transported. Minerals activate some of the processes involved in the regulation of acid-base balance in the blood and other organs. Sodium and potassium are involved in the transport of various substances into the cell, thereby providing its function. An important role is played by minerals (potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium) in the regulation of cardiac and skeletal muscle. It is first time you try to buy anabolic steroids online?

Constant and sufficiently high content of salts in biological fluids, especially potassium and sodium salts, helps to preserve the water in the cell, which is important for its normal functioning, and shape retention.

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Body's need for various mineral substances varies widely. The highest demand for sodium . A portion of this element is supplied with products: of salt in bread daily norm for healthy male and contained 3.5 g of 5.3 g is added to the food during its preparation. Modern anabolic steroids is designed with advanced science achievements. Thus, one day consumed 10-15 g of salt. This amount is sufficient for the needs of the organism in sodium. Usually sodium chloride (common salt) is consumed more than necessary.

Salt is added for the purpose of whet widely used products preserved with salt. Increased intake of salt is undesirable because this causes thirst, increased water consumption and water retention. Systematic excess salt in the diet, as shown by scientific research, contributes to the incidence of hypertension.

Another mineral element, potassium , contains almost all the products need for it is estimated at about 4-6 g per day. In a typical set of products contains 5-6 g of potassium, more than half of which comes from fruits and vegetables, including potatoes with about 2 g of potassium Suppliers are bread and cereals, as well as products of animal origin. Buy anabolic steroids online is first step to sport. Potassium - an important element of the cell, unlike sodium it is not conducive to water retention. The essential function of potassium is its participation in the regulation of muscle excitability, especially heart muscle. Lack of potassium can lead to spasmodic contractions of skeletal muscles, decrease myocardial contractility and cardiac rhythm disorders.

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In justifying a higher potassium content in a set of products is necessary to take into account the specific features of its metabolism in the body. Under the influence of the neuro-emotional stress and specific hormonal changes occur in athletes increased output of potassium from the cells into the blood and the loss of his urine. Today is truly reduced prices for legal anabolic steroids. When systematically repeated periods of neuro-emotional stress in the body can cause potassium deficiency. Fruits - the main source of potassium, so the inclusion of vegetables in the daily diet is mandatory for all. Sometimes potassium deficiency compensation using a salt thereof.

Calcium - one of the key elements of our body. The need for this element is relatively small - about 0.8 grams per day. Calcium plays a role in the regulation of excitability of the nervous system in the mechanism of muscular contraction, blood clotting. The standard set of products for cooking about 1.2 g of calcium content provided, mainly in animal products. Calcium salts contained in many dairy products: milk, cottage cheese, cheese. They account for more than 60% of calcium from a set of products. To gain strong muscles, buy anabolic steroids online. Contained in dairy products Calcium is well absorbed from other foods to digest it worse. When elevated levels of fat in the diet reduces the absorption of calcium. Some other nutrients (oxalic acid, phytin) also violate its exchange.

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